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Heavy pressure and light pressure are rather vague and somewhat obfuscating. Are these just very general terms left to ones imagination as to what heavy and light are? Would you please clarify this so it makes more sense. I have looked extensively at the results from flax linen and denim strops . The primary effects are basically indistinguishable between those two. I only looked briefly at the results from nylon weave and can’t make any definitive comment on that.

Now, let’s take a quick trip outside of the studio to see some high level stropping in action. Notice how the spine of the razor never leaves the strop. When you get to the end of the strop, you roll it over the spine and push away from the cutting edge. It is not recommended to condition the leather with oils and fats. They can accumulate too much and damage the blade.

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Also, if you imagine the hard particles in your stropping compound as small rocks, the harder you press, the more metal is removed as it is scratched, since they dig in deeper. Lighter pressure will dig in less, making smaller micro-scratches. Eventually, however, even careful stropping will gradually create an obtuse cutting edge.

  • If you want to go even smaller, we keep one of the $28 Brommeland Gunleather Micro pocket strops in a secondary bug out bag.
  • Always move the blade while stropping toward the back of the blade, never toward the cutting edge.
  • Some famous and versatile paddle strops come with smooth leather on one side and suede leather on the other.
  • Bigger strops are always better because it’s easier to use long, fluid strokes when moving the blade across the surface.
  • I find stropping the quickest, easiest way to keep the knives used for leather paring sharp.

The series of images presented below were taken from the same location on a razor (as witnessed by the x-shaped pattern in the top right of the images). The softening and loss of scratch definition occurs primarily by surface abrasion in the last 2 or 3 microns of the edge, increasing both keenness and sharpness. For a comparison of all our available razor strops, see our article Comparing Razor Strops. Stropping is probably one of the most mythologized parts of the sharpening process.

High Quality Leather Strop By Windrose Extra Wide Straight Razor Sharpening

You may even enjoy the process so much that the next progression will be to get yourself a bench stone and enter the world of freehand sharpening. Would you recommend or avoid that with the green compound? That old strop is very glazed over with metal and I mean to scrape it down before adding the new compound to give it new life.

strop a blade

/r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. Please submit links to how-to pages and videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing pieces you made for us to admire, or help you finish. I’m doing a combination of new and used chisels that I think do need the honing/reshaping process, so I think I’ll be ok for this weekend, but I’ll get the strop set up ASAP. I got a good deal on a Stanley Bailey No 4., a Block Plane, a Stanley 78 and I have a 45 coming that I found on ebay.

I recommend keeping your strop somewhere other than your washroom. If you live in a dry climate, hydrate your strop once in a while with some Chamberlain’s No. 1 Leather Milk. If you live in a very humid climate or are determined to store your strop in your washroom, use Chamberlains No. 3 Water Protectant to keep excess moisture out. Now you have your strop and your ready for a lifetime of shaving. If your strop is going to make it, you’ll have to maintain it.

strop a blade

The former is affixed to a towel, hook, or a knob. It’s capable of being pulled tight and conforming to the edge. Paddle strops how to sharpen wood carving tools are often found in high-end shaving supply stores and are much less commonly found than other types of leather strops.

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