Figure 10.21.

In this case, each subscriber can select the type of polarization independently of the others. Owners of Apple technology are deprived of such an opportunity. self-cleaning function with which, even in bad weather, an excellent signal. robust steel body of the plate, covered with a protective layer in the form of a powder; Antenna perforation reduces wind load, which means there is less chance that it will budge and lose signal. This scheme is currently the most popular. In general, Yunteng YT-1288 is an excellent monopod for your money, which will appeal to many users..

The only “but” is the small size of the antenna, when when receiving some satellites, the size is an important parameter. However, a converter with two or four outputs is significantly more expensive than a conventional converter. The only drawback is its size..

Otherwise, everything is good for this antenna. Figure 10.21. When folded, it takes 42.5 centimeters. surface geometry improves signal reception; good signal even in bad weather; low wind load on the antenna; the antenna mount works very well, not allowing it to move from place; aesthetic appearance. Distribution network with one antenna for two subscribers using a two-output converter. Therefore, you will have to carry it in a large bag or in your hands. small antenna size – only 65 cm.

Distribution network for 4 subscribers. Max. length: 425 mm. Supral-90. The network (Fig. 10.22) includes a satellite dish, in the focus of the reflector of which a converter is installed. Min. length: 1230 mm.

The next step is the domestic development of the company Supral. It separates signals with orthogonal polarizations and performs amplification and frequency reduction. Smartphone width: up to 85 mm. With her, problems are rare – she shows herself perfectly. The converter has 4 separate outputs (vertical and horizontal polarization at the upper LO frequency) (vertical and horizontal polarization at the lower LO frequency).

Max. load: 2 kg. To tune this antenna, a special mount with an azimuth suspension is included in the kit, which allows you to direct the antenna as accurately as possible. The outputs of the converter are connected using a multiswitch coaxial cable. Clamps.

Depending on the region, the angle of inclination of the plate itself will, of course, vary. It allows you to feed the signal of each converter to the input of any of the receivers. Installation of cameras and cameras. There is no way without it.

Subscriber sockets are connected to the multiswitch outputs. Can be used as a tripod. Due to its elliptical shape and correct position, the antenna is able to pick up one or several satellites at once (for example, the antenna can pick up a signal simultaneously with Sirius, HotBird and Amos (4W, 5E, 13E) or ABS, Express and Yamal 401 (75E, 80E , 90E)).

In addition, the multiswitch can have a special input for connecting a conventional terrestrial antenna. Remote control. Supral plate 90 cm made of high-quality steel, additionally treated with “anti-corrosion”.

If necessary, the terrestrial antenna can be equipped with an amplifier.