Woodcarvers can hone their skills at seminars taught by the best instructors in the field—and visitors can tour the seminar areas to glimpse craftspeople in action, learning the nuances of carving. One of the goals of MWCA is to promote wood carving as a fine art in the eyes of the public and the art world. We are dedicated to serving Michigan wood carvers at all skill levels.

Free classes are offered both days during the event. There are nearly 30 “You Tube” videosabout woodcarving, wood turning, power carving, how-to’s on tool sharpening, and even making your own knife. Everything from the simple to the complex. the art of carving objects by hand from wood or of carving decorations into wood. The art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp handheld tool. This is the completed collection of the Presidents of The United States that I hand carved and painted.

This exciting two day event is held in early May of each year and attracts carvers from all over the country as well as drawing many people to our City. The talented woodcarvers that create the content started carving many years ago. Their acquired knowledge that took them many years to master is now available to you via online Videos. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced carver, you can learn the skills and techniques of these amazing woodcarvers. I bought my first carving book, “HOW TO CARVE CHARACTERS IN WOOD” by H.S.

Woodcarving Academy

Reach out through any of the social media above. Jarvis the Dog manages all the production by keeping an extremely close eye on the artists. He makes sure the craftsmanship is top notch, and the treats are being handed out fairly. Army Veteran and award winning artist from Boulder, Colorado.


“I like to include the original surface of the tree, sort of as proof of origin,” he says. A collection of LaCasse’s original works will be on exhibit at the Maquoketa Art Experience, which is running in conjunction with the Woodcarvers Congress. When was the last time you saw a rough chunk of wood and imagined it as a majestic face, a delicate bird in flight, or an entire tableaux?

Spirit Of Wood “best In Class”, “best Of Show” And “president’s Choice” Winners

Beginner’s Kits (required for beginner’s classes) include 1 knife, a safety glove, and wood/blanks and patterns for 6 projects. Excellent carving tools can be purchased from club members at reasonable prices. Some also offer Northern Basswood and Butternut. Professional wood artists compete side by side with amateur hobbyists to win prizes.

Follow thisMembershiplink to join as a member online or call Debbi Russell at 800.590.9755 to join or renew your existing membership. Workshop and Banquet Awards and Dinner Lecture registration can be done online through our secure website and are processed in the order that they are received. Congratulations https://bibliocrunch.com/profile/welvere/ Vic Hood for carving Best of Show Runner Up in the 2020 Showcase of Woodcarvings, Charlotte, NC. We still have a number of members who haven’t paid their 2021 club dues. If you are one of these, please mail or bring it to the club at your earliest convenience. At $15.00 per year, membership is a bargain.

Carve A World Of Gnomes

Become a member of Sauder Village, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Summer is in full swing, and the chips are flying. Tuesday carving has seen an increase in attendance over the past few weeks. Some who have been hidden the past year are rejoining the club, and we love having you back.